Michael Maguire, founder

Michael started Little by Little foundation after his wife Kimberly passed away from Glioblastoma.  the thing that upset them the most is that children get this disease.  During Kim’s first of two awake craniotomies they met a young boy around 14 years old who was going through his second.  Kim tried to anonymously give a $50 gift card to him and the hospital said no.  Never being ones to follow the rules Kim and Mike agreed that day that wherever this disease took her that we would continue to fight for children battling this disease.

Kaitlin Maguire, Vice President

Kaitlin Maguire is the Vice President of Little by Little and is tied to the foundation because it is in honor of her mother. My mother and I were very close so taking this role is an honor and something I will always cherish. I am beyond excited and look forward to working with the other members of the board to keep my mother’s memory and hopes alive. She always put everyone first and said she would never want her children to have to deal with what she went through so I believe this foundation is a great testament to that. It shows how much we want to help children in our community and throughout the world. Every child we touch will be in honor of my mother which is so special. Little by Little is a phrase my mother used to say and something I hear often throughout the world today. It is a motto we know live by and will continue using. I know my mother would be proud of the progress being made in our foundation and she would be thrilled to see the great strides we are making in order to help children.

Tracy Denora, Treasurer

I am honored to serve as Treasurer for Little by Little Foundation and consider myself lucky to work on the Board with so many selfless considerate people.

I am the Executive Administrator for the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association (NJWMA).  NJWMA is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.  Its mission is to recognize reputable moving companies that work with integrity, and become the voice for customers that fall prey to rogue movers.

I have served as acting Executive Director for two years, and have been facilitating board meetings for nine. Additionally, my responsibilities include maintaining the finances, taxes, non- profit status, coordinating our annual conventions, golf outings and chapter meetings. I am also Editor of our bi-monthly magazine. As you can see I am capable of wearing many hats.

I am also the Treasurer of Toms River East Little League, another 501c3 non-profit organization.  I have volunteered there for almost eleven years.

Professionally and personally, I hold myself to high standards and feel confident that these standards is what my position demands here at Little by Little Foundation and I will contribute to the wellbeing of  Little by Little collectively.

Respectfully Yours, Tracy Denora

Stacy Buono, Board of Director

She may be a professional writer and fundraiser for RWJBarnabas Health, but Stacy is a mother first. Her teenage boys, John and Wil, are her motivation and inspiration. So, when the opportunity arose to help children in need, she could not say no. A self-proclaimed book nerd, Stacy’s love of reading is only surpassed by her love of yoga, travel and her family. As a writer for various nonprofits over the past 20+ years, Stacy is passionate about telling peoples’ stories and raising money for causes that matter like Little by Little.

Michelle Orlovsky, Board of Director

My name is Michelle and I’m a mom, business owner and elementary school teacher. I’m super passionate about teaching and helping children in every way possible.

Loryn Clark, secretary

Kim was my best friend for more than 30 years. We met as young girls in 9th grade and had many, many adventures – some we shared with others over the years and some we kept to ourselves! Spending weekend after weekend at each other’s houses, we became family. As we grew up our bond grew stronger and continues today. Our kids call each other cousins and our families will be connected forever.

I live in NC with my husband and 3 boys. I currently serve as the Executive Director for Housing and Community for the Town of Chapel Hill.

I am proud to serve as the Secretary of Little by Little. It is the best way I can honor Kim’s dream of doing something to ease the burden of families battling this awful disease. My best friend was an amazing wife, mother, sister, Aunt,  friend, and my biggest fan. Through Little By Little her legacy will live on.