Michael started Little by Little foundation after his wife Kimberly passed away from Glioblastoma.  the thing that upset them the most is that children get this disease.  During Kim’s first of two awake craniotomies they met a young boy around 14 years old who was going through his second.  Kim tried to anonymously give a $50 gift card to him and the hospital said no.  Never being ones to follow the rules Kim and Mike agreed that day that wherever this disease took her that we would continue to fight for children battling this disease to date raising and distributing over $300,000 to families in need.

Kaitlin Maguire is formerly Vice President and currently Co-President of Little by Little and is tied to the foundation because it is in honor of her mother. My mother and I were very close so taking this role is an honor and something I will always cherish. I am beyond excited and look forward to working with the other members of the board to keep my mother’s memory and hopes alive. She always put everyone first and said she would never want her children to have to deal with what she went through so I believe this foundation is a great testament to that. It shows how much we want to help children in our community and throughout the world. Every child we touch will be in honor of my mother which is so special. Little by Little is a phrase my mother used to say and something I hear often throughout the world today. It is a motto we know live by and will continue using. I know my mother would be proud of the progress being made in our foundation and she would be thrilled to see the great strides we are making in order to help children.

Her name is Lenora Ackerman.  She is happily married to David for 26 years.  Lenora is a proud mother to 3 sons and is their biggest cheerleader.  Matthew (23 years old), Nick (20 years old), Andrew (16 years old), and a Golden Retriever Bella.  Lenora works as a Senior Administrator and Community Outreach Manager at Sportika in Manalapan NJ.   She also works as marketing coordinator for Fasssst Sport in Monroe Twp and Manalapan(inside Sportika).  Lenora has a bachelor degree from Rutgers University and is also a state certified teacher of the handicapped.

Lenora has always been involved with charities, local communities , and non-profits.   Lenora has watched close family members battle cancer and most recently her beloved mother who passed away to cancer in 2019.  Lenora’s mother  was her best friend .  To honor her, Lenora wants to give back and knows her mother would be proud

First and foremost, I am honored to sit on the Board of Directors of this Foundation.  I am a full-time working wife and mother.  My husband Robert and I have been together for 23 years, married for 16.  We have two children, a son Lucas who is a Freshman in High School and a daughter Sofi who is in 4th grade.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my 4-legged child, Rocco (my Doberman pincher).  I am a paralegal by day covering complex family, criminal and medical malpractice defense matters.  By night, I am a complete and total sports mom.  I am a true believer in the benefits of participating in sports.  I race from one sport to the next just about every day of the week.  I am the team mom for both of my children’s baseball teams and have been for several years.  In addition to baseball, my son also plays Football for Donovan Catholic and my daughter is a competitive gymnast.  Further, I also sit on the Board of the Donovan Catholic Touchdown Club.  When I am not busy, I like to spend even more time with my family skiing\snowboarding.

I was introduced to Mike and the Little by Little Foundation in July 2019 because my good friend Carol’s son, who is like a son to me, was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  One day we were on the beach and literally 3 days later he was in the ER, diagnosed with a brain tumor and having brain surgery within 24 hours.

Jen has lived in Toms River NJ for almost 16 years.  She’s married to her husband Greg for 22 years and they have three children.  She’s used many opportunities to help others including during Hurricane Sandy, Thanks Teaming Food Drive, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, A Need we Feed and as the admin of “Jude what you Thaddeus so nice of you” Facebook page in honor of Jude and Thaddeus Walz.  She’s a strong believer in good karma, faith and good people.

Meet Kailee Maguire,

I am the middle child of Mike and Kim Maguire and am very excited to be a part of the board.  I am so happy to be a part of my family’s foundation because I want to continue the fight for the cause that my family and I have grown so passionate about since my mother’s diagnosis.  I am currently studying Creative and Entertainment Industries in Music Business at Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee.  I am currently a member of Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority at Belmont where I plan to run for Vice President of Philanthropy position.  I hope to expand Little by Little to Nashville and host some fundraising events down in the south when the pandemic is over.

My name is Jenna Cauldwell. I am currently in my third year of college as a bio major in hopes to start PA school after I graduate. I currently work for Community Medical Center as well as Plesant Plains Volenteer First Aid Squad. I have grown up with the Maguire family and love helping out when it comes to Little by Little. I have always loved helping, especially with children, coming from a very big family. When I become a PA I plan on specializing in pediatric trauma and surgery. I love being able to help sick kids and there families and I look forward to new advances in Little by Little.

Hello my name is Elsa Small and I am a lifelong resident of Toms River NJ and I am happily married to the man of my dreams and together we are blessed with the most precious little boy.  At first word of the Little by Little foundation I felt connected to it.  I had mutual friends of the Maguire family that brought us together and after losing my best friend’s mother Nancy McKennan to Glioblastoma Multiforme brain cancer in 2012 I have always wanted to do something like this in her memory.  She was a second mother to me growing up and will forever by my reason for vowing to help whoever I can.  I am beyond honored to be a part of such an amazing organization surrounded by a group of complete strangers turned into a family “to change the world start with one step”  However small the first step is the hardest of all.